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By iam8114
I just picked up the new Spirit Halloween Ghostbuster jacket. While I think it would make a nice addition to any GB costume, I felt I would post some pictures and give it a bit of a review so you all can make an educated decision if this is something you want to add to your arsenal.

First up, and most important, how does it look and fit with a standard flightsuit?
Sorry for the blurry myspace photo...

The colors go well with the standard khaki flightsuit, but stand out as a separate piece which is nice. I bought a large and it fits well over the flightsuit. I'm always a bit worried as I can be a large in some items and an XL in others but I have no complaints about the fit at all.

Construction overall of the jacket is not bad. The seams feel strong and the zippers, while not heavy duty, feel pretty solid overall. But there are two things about the build of this jacket to be aware of. 1.) The pockets are super tiny (like girl jeans tiny) you aren't fitting much in those and there's no inside pocket like any other real jacket would give you. 2.) There is no lining in this jacket, so it is basically a windbreaker. What lining is there is so thin you can see the embroidery through it.

Now onto the details.

Everything on this is embroidered pretty nicely onto the jacket, except for the wording on the back. I think it gives it a nice workman's uniform look. No complaints there.

I only have one major problem with this jacket, but its something that can be easily corrected...

The nametags. They are crap.
Why they cheaped out on the nametags is beyond me, but other than being cheap is the only reason I can think of to not fully back the name tags and just use a small strip of velcro. The nametag patches are just felt rectangles with the guys' names on them and like most of you, I had planned on putting my own on the jacket so it is really not a dealbreaker, but c'mon son, the name tags hang weirdly on the jacket as is and look like crap on a stick.

Overall, it is a nice piece and I'd recommend it for the price, especially with a 20% off coupon.

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