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By Winston1986
Like in the episode Lost and Foundry, the pole they ordered comes to life and ends up jumping out the 2nd story window landing on the hood of a guy's car smashing it beyond repair. I doubt his insurance will cover it. Or the episode adventures in slime and space. What a bunch of damage that can't be repaired well. It would suck. Then again with ghosts being a constant problem in that world you'd think insurance companies would add ghosts to all their policies.
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By timeware
In the episode of Headless Motorcyclist Peter is seen trying to sell Ghost Insurance. Although it probably would have landed them in a lawsuit at some point. Many episodes show the company almost going bankrupt due to lack of activity.

I don't think they would have ever had the means to cover their clients claims. It would have been easier for the mayor to have just declared a whatever percentage they felt necessary Ghost Tax to cover ghost damage. I'm sure the citizens wouldn't have minded a few hundred extra dollars for living with ghosts. Think of how Alaska pays people to live there. Same concept.

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