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By Banjo
Hi Guys,
Another member with a first time pack build.
Long story short, I was 8 when GBI hit the theaters, and I was a ghostbuster with my cardboard homemade pack for Halloween for several years running. Had the toys, watched the cartoon, etc, etc....
Here I am 34 years later with the fabrication skills I need to build a real true to the movie pack.
Just not the budget to buy all the pre made parts to build one easily.
so my build will be a lot of fab and scratch build.
Here's the rundown so far.
I already have an A.L.I.C.E. Pack, so I will be robbing the frame for this project.
I found a piece of aluminum in the scrap hopper that was just big enough to trace out Stephan's motherboard specs and cut out. so that is done.
I searched the net for a smoking deal on a fiberglass shell and bumper, but it was all a bit more than I really wanted to spend, so I decided i was going to build a pattern and make a fiberglass mold myself.
But then I got turned on to 3D printing parts. So last week I ordered a Creality CR10 3D printer. (It was only 50$ more than the fiberglass shell would have cost!!!) and I have spent the rest of the week getting comfortable printing small parts and tweaking settings.
As of last night I have started printing proton pack parts. I'm using a combination of sources for the models. I have no computer modeling skills myself, so I am grateful for fellow members helping me get set up with what I need, and also Thingiverse is a good place to look.
I plan to only print the basics of the shell. all the tubes and such will be made from aluminum, because I can TIG weld.
the thrower I hope to make from aluminum as well.
Resistors will either be resin or printed
I hope to get a real Clippard for the thrower, but the one on the pack can be resin.
I have not decided on lights and sounds, but I would like to build my own system as much as I can. I have the electronics skills, but have never played with an Aurduino or Rasberry Pi.
Anyway, that's where I'm at. I'll post pics soon
Any advice is welcome.
I have no plans of what I'm going to do with this once it's built. I just know I need to build it.
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By Banjo
A little update.
I've been steadily printing parts, and the pack is starting to look like something!
the more I print, the more I am deciding that I will be printing all the parts for this pack.
Once all the pieces are ready, I will be epoxying them together, sanding, and skim coating with the ultra fine bondo finishing filler. Priming, then painting it all.
I have started researching Arduinos to figure out what I need to get to build the lights and sound set
And I have a special idea for the thrower that if it works will make for an awesome visual. more on that later.
here's some pics! (I had to make a stop at Spirit to grab a trap and PKE.... I'm heavily thinking I am going back for some Ecto goggles)
Image013 by banjoben42
Image097 by banjoben42
Image107 by banjoben42, on Flickr
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By Banjo
A little update.
I've been running the printer almost every night with a few breaks while waiting to get paid so I could order more filament.
I finished the first round of parts, then primed and wet sanded them. Now I have the next round done, primed and wet sanded also. I'm down to the smaller detail parts, then it will be time to paint, assemble , and weather.
I have well over 400 hours on the printer, and am on my 5th spool of filament. ( I count one spool lost to mistakes and learning curve.)
Image035 by banjoben42, on Flickr

Image050 by banjoben42, on Flickr
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By Banjo
Al the main pack parts are printed, primed, and wet sanded.
I used 2 part epoxy, and bolts to attach all the pieces together
now I have my shell assembled and its on to the finish coat.
I've added some hot glue "welds"
and I'm using the "wall texture" technique with satin black topcoat.
as soon as I can get someplace where I can spray paint that isn't 15 degrees we will make some progress.
Image004 by banjoben42, on Flickr
Image005 by banjoben42, on Flickr
Image006 by banjoben42, on Flickr
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By Banjo
This weeks update. I got the shell all glued and bolted up, then I applied the " orange peel wall texture technique" sealed with lacquer, primed, and painted with rustoleum satin black.
2 things from this process. I didn't get the texture as fine as I would have liked, but it's ok.
and I will use a flat black if I ever build another pack. the satin is too glossy, and took forever to dry. I was able to get it to a better finish by deliberately dry spraying the pack and making it flat.
The wall texture stuff is essentially dry wall Spackle in a spray can. it dries really powdery, and you definitely need to seal it real good. I'm a bit concerned with it's durability as well. We will see how it holds up.
After all that was done I glued up all the main pack parts, and now I'm on to detail stuff.
the First non 3D printed piece (other than the motherboard) was the ion arm cap and rods.
I was able to source both scrap 1/2" aluminum and 1/4" brass rod for free. and an hour or so on the saw and drill press had me a nice proper piece. it's only lacking the knurling on the lower rod, because I don't have knurling tools for the lathe.
Image002 by banjoben42, on Flickr
Image007 by banjoben42, on Flickr
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By Banjo
The latest from the maker cave.
I found a brass nut to add some realism to the Dale resistor I 3D printed
I finally broke down and scavenged the frame from one of my ALICE packs, and got it painted black
I also painted the motherboard, and cut a piece of aluminum angle into 1 inch wide pieces to make brackets to attach the pack to the motherboard.
Then I drilled and tapped them for M5 bolts.
After temporarily attaching them to the pack, I set some modeling clay on the motherboard to locate the spots to drill and tap to attach the brackets.
Now I have the pack and motherboard attached.
Next up will be the spacers to attach the ALICE frame. I need to stop and get a couple of hockey pucks.
Image010 by banjoben42, on Flickr
Image007 by banjoben42, on Flickr
Image012 by banjoben42, on Flickr
Image013 by banjoben42, on Flickr
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By Banjo
more progress!and to me this is a BIG step.
I sourced some hockey pucks at the local sporting goods store. 3 pucks cost 5 bucks.
Did a little searching on the forum here, and cut two into 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 rectangles.
The other I cut down the middle and trimmed off the edge to make it 1 3/8 thick at one end and 1 5/16 at the other
to accommodate the angle n the pack frame.
My wood cutting band saw did the trick in no time.
I even used the band saw to carefully put the notch in the small end of the half moon spacer for the pack frame rib.
I scavenged some hardware from my junk drawer, and drilled the holes in the motherboard. The upper half moon spacer was a total guess just from looking at reference photos. It works for me. This is not a strictly perfect pack.
Now comes the BIG part. I refit the webbing to the ALICE frame, and was able to put on my proton pack for the first time!
I still have a loooooong way to go. I don't have any of the detail parts yet, and I haven't begun to print the thrower parts. there is also all the electronics still needed, But I got to wear my own proton pack!!!!
Project tally so far:
5 spools of 3D filiment @$15 each =$75
2 cans of satin black paint, 2 cans of high build sandable primer, and 1 can of wall texture appx. $40
3 hockey pucks $5
total right now of $120
Everything else in my build has been salvage/ scrap or I already had it
And I am not adding the cost of the 3D printer to the tally, as I am using that for other things as well.
Image003 by banjoben42, on Flickr
Image004 by banjoben42, on Flickr
Image006 by banjoben42, on Flickr
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