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By 8thMan
So about a decade ago I began my journey in Game Development with the goal of creating a Ghostbusters game (under the name SadJason). I've done a lot of thing since then like serving in the US Navy and getting a degree in Game Development...but I never completed a Ghostbusters game. I'm looking to correct that.

So starting from the ground up, I'm developing a top-down action game based on The Real Ghostbusters. I'll post updates as often as I can. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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By Matt Campbell
Looking good!
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By Dr.D
What a blast from the past! I have some memory of the stuff you did as SadJason. Looking forward to how this turns out but my interest is peaked.
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By timeware
Looks like your using Chrono Trigger sprites as a basis? PM me if you need help with sprite editing some sprites.
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By 8thMan
The sprites actually started off as an edit of Alien Syndrome for the NES then I was inspired Magic of Scheherazade so I reworked the heads. I'm actually thinking of dropping some of the colors from the Character sprites to bring them more inline with the NES inspiration. Thoughts?

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By timeware
Keep the colors. Unless you plan on having them start off in tan suits and get colored uniforms as they grab power ups.
By livewire008
I like the music. It could loop better.

I kinda wish you could shoot diagonally. I imagine they'll be upgrades or different weapon pick ups as the build progresses?

Are you supposed to be able to get outside of the map? There's a book case in the top right corner of the house I just walked through (you can shoot it too, I see) and I got on the other side of the walls and walked around the map.

I didn't get hit my first play and killed everything in the house- I guess nothing is supposed to happen, yet? I reset and died on purpose to see what happened. The slimed animation is nice. I look forward to seeing more ghosts/creatures. The thing in the shrubs was cool :cool:

Kind of reminds me of Zombies Ate My Neighbors (loved that game). Keep going, man. I'm sure there's a lot of ideas you have yet to implement. Seems like a good foundation to build on.
By mcbenzi_ghost
Man, I tested yesterday and I loved it! I can't wait to see this complete!
By the way, I discovered how to get outside the house! XD
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By EnderWeggen
Good Job. Nice Ecto-1
The Top down RPG stile is nice but feels easy seeing ware the ghost are.
"In the Kitchen I thought the oven was going to come get me."
Love the hunted Bush, I feel like that was a big part of RGB not being able to find all the ghost and needing the PKE meter to Hunt them down but in a NES game that may just not be a good idea. You could always toy with a weapon or equipment select box if there is room.

The only part i did not Love was the Proton Pack firing Sound.

All in all its your Game Build and its cool to see it at all at this point.
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By timeware
Good start. What software are you using to build this?

A couple of suggestions:

Interaction with the Ecto 1: Once you make money you can purchase upgrades via calling Janine by entering the car instead of walking through it?

Ghosts: Arms coming out of the wall. Book Bats.

I agree that you should use another firing sound. The laser from contra would be a good option I think.
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