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Hi all, been away for years. I had collected some parts back in the day including a metal motherboard, alice pack frame and various parts for the thrower and pack but no pack or thrower. Have a gb flightsuit, belt and elbow pads but no name patch, and a set of googles but they are broken. Image

I had put a deposit on an Exoray pack but never completed the transaction and dont think exoray exists from my search on here.

Anyway, what is the source for GB1 packs and throwers? I did a quick search and only sdee the spirit pack come up but it is not full scale and do not want that. Any help to get me reacquainted would be appreciated.


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You've got a lot of choices to choose from for parts for your pack.

first check the gbfans store as they have most if not all of the parts you'd need available to purchase. downside is that if they are out of stock it can take a while before the parts come back in stock.

then check some of the other sellers out there (just avoid viking props, and bob's prop shop, or anyone else on the banned sellers list in the classifieds section of the forum)

I had collected a few of the parts needed to do my pack, but I wound up working with Mike from Karnivorous Creations and had him build my pack for me using the parts I had purchased on my own. Mike sells individual parts as well as complete kits you can put together. There are other good makers out there, so do your homework before you make your decision to buy anything.

Another possible option to look into is having someone 3D print parts for you to build your pack with. One of the guys in my group has a hybrid where his pack has a fiberglass and resin shell and the other parts are resin, but his thrower is a 3d printed one that looks really good.
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Thank you for your reply. Im not new to here, and in the past was easy to find all the sellers, but after looking through the classifieds I am not seeing anyone sell a gb1 pack or shell. If there is, can you point me to some?

I prefer a solid base shell and not a printed 3D version. I suppose that means fiberglass. Unless their are other types out there. Again, Ive been away a long time.

As far as 3D printing, I am planning on getting a Folgertech F5. But that is a few months off.

And no worries to time frame, as long as I can get started and have something to show by next October, I will be satisfied.
Thanks again.

Not a problem, Here are some links to get you started.

Here is a link to the blacklisted sellers on gbfans.
viewtopic.php?f=31&t=6431 Use this one to help you avoid sellers that aren't reputable so you don't wind up losing money for something that never gets delivered to you after purchasing it, or getting poor quality parts. This list also covers sellers who sell recasted parts (meaning they bought the part from someone else, then created a mold from it to make a duplicate of the part to resell)
Now onto the sellers list, this by no means is a complete list, it's just something to help you get started.

First off here is the link to the GBfans store for the section for Proton Pack parts

I had previously mentioned Karnivorous Creations so here is a link to his website to look at the parts he sells. If you want to talk to Mike about having him build your pack for you, use the contact us link. Tell him Van from the North Georgia Ghostbusters sent you his way if you decide to go this route.

Another seller that makes great stuff is benofkent but he's in the UK so it may cost more to have stuff shipped to you. here is a link to his etsy store

You may also want to look into sourcing individual parts or kits from different sellers depending on how you want to build your pack.

ThrowingChicken here on GBfans makes a great Neutrona Wand / Particle Thrower kits

If he was still making and selling parts I would have also recommended Nickatron for parts, but he announced a couple of months back that he is no longer producing parts to sell.

Anyways I hope this helps to get you started. Good luck with building out your pack!

Be sure to either do a build post on GBfans to show the progress for your pack build, or to show off the completed pack when you get finished with it.

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