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By SmugglersProps
As you can tell I am pretty new to this forum, but I have already put together a decent uniform and pack. But now I am focusing on building a new trap.

As most of you probably know, Sean Charlesworth creates files for a hybrid ghost trap to thingiverse.

So I will attempt to build one (emphasis on attempt)

About two years ago I was going to a Halloween party as a ghostbuster, my uniform was good, I had the patches, a uniform, a pack, and a PKE meter (the pke and the pack I plan to remake in the future). It was a week before the party and I didn’t have a trap, so I hastily made one

Brace yourselves, it is pretty bad


As you can tell it sucks, I am very embarrassed of it. Its falling apart, the handle is broken, it is as far from accurate as you can get and it’s made of cardboard.

So I will be posting updates as often as I can on my progress, so please be critical, I need as much advice as I can get to make this good.

I use a creality CR-10 just in case anyone is wondering.
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