Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
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By timeware

So...Yeah...I pretty much agree with this guy spot on.
Thunder Cats Roar.
This is...This is like...One word comes to mind. If I could come up with an acronym for the word CRAP it would be this. Seriously. This is where I have to vent like the Angry Video Game Nerd full of bleeps, and mom jokes desperately trying to be family friendly.

This is like Steven Universe and Teen Titans Go had a baby naming it this exact moment.
We go from the ultra cool anime revival to Ren and Stimpy dropping a load after chili night? Even the audacity of the creator of this abomination calling his critics haters when he knows he's delivered us a box full of the brown stuff.

I had to vent as soon as I saw this and I want to hear other's opinions on this craptastical master piece Cartoon Network just unloaded on us. Let us all cross our streams, or fingers this is not how Ecto Force turns out.

Sorry for the long rant guys. Thundercats, like Ghostbusters has a special place in my heart and I have fond memories of both franchises growing up. This is...I don't even know the right word here.
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By timeware
So this petition is actually a thing. I'm apparently not the only one that thinks Thundercats Roar is a big steaming pile. ... rcats-roar

If by chance Cartoon Network actually listens to it's viewers perhaps we can get a proper revival out of this. I don't mind waiting for 2020 for something similar to star wars resistance.
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By timeware
Thank you for signing!

I'm kind of thinking that with more and more critic videos popping up for the trailer for Thundercats Roar might actually beat the dislike numbers for Answer The Call. (That wasn't a swipe at ATC.)

There have been numerous videos and comments are overwhelmingly negative. The creator says mixed reaction and I haven't really seen anyone say "Lets do this thing."
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