Hi, new to prop building but as a kid of the 80's a Proton pack has been on my want list forever! I have the trap, the pke and suit..so now the main tool! waiting on my benofkent kit to arrive but so far have my ALICE frame ready, got my paints ready. Can't wait! :D
Very nervous as I've never done anything to this scale and its an expensive project to mess up! anyone with experience with a BoK kit drop advice please haha still need to source a Dremel tool and borrow a drill from a friend for the project XD
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By Banjo
Good start!
your story sounds a lot like mine. Now I'm older and can build that pack I longed for as a kid.
I'm looking forward to see how your build goes.
By CorfieldUK81
Spectregater wrote: December 2nd, 2018, 4:05 pm Slowly working on my BoK kit. It and him is a pleasure to work with.
yeah he has been a great help with any questions I've had. Any tips would be great if you have any too ;) do you have photos / thread of your build?
Great start! I have bookmarked your build thread and I will follow it with great interest.

I too was very nervous when I started my proton pack build. I learned the skills as I went along. I think the key was doing as much research as I could on other peoples' build threads and asking for peoples' advice in my own thread.

If you ever get stuck, remember that Ben offers great service on his pack kits... He was very prompt when replying to me on Facebook Messenger.

Good luck!
Spectregater wrote: December 6th, 2018, 11:55 am But I have used Canpara's build thread for help. http://www.gbfans.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=42368
Sadly he didn't use the BoK thrower so I may be on my own for that.
I'm happy that my build thread is of use to you! That's correct: I used a Freeky Geeky wand for my build. Nonetheless, Ben's wand seems quite elegant to put together. I hope you can share some of your progress with us when you get to that phase of your build.
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Awesome start mate. I too was really nervous when I built my first pack. Just take your time, use the right tools for the right jobs and you'll be sweet. Measure 400 times and drill once!! Good luck
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got my kit eager to get started just wondering if anyone could help out with one thing I'm trying to work out,, and idea what screws I need to buy and where from? video ben linked me showing how to install the tubes needed a 5.5 mm self tapping screw but when looking for those still unsure what ones to get :| and what ones to buy to use on the bumper. Thoughts? places to buy in the uk would be great help!
Spectregater wrote: December 14th, 2018, 11:39 am Is that the way the hole came cut. Mine fits perfectly, but it has a perfect circle.
no this is from me dremeling to try and make my tube fit. Turns out I was sent a tube that was too big and explains why mine didn't just fit perfectly like others did and per Bens instructions :\ he is sending me out a replacement smaller tube and hopefully can repair with filler fingers crossed
Today I decided all I could really do while I wait on metal parts from Benofkent is to try the most daunting part for me. Cutting holes !
Most tricky was the hole for the hose just under where the crank knob goes as my drill was obstructed by the shell, I had to drill a hole then use a dremel to do the rest. The hole for the Ribbon cable and the hose for the wand I used a hole cutter. First time using one of these so practice was done on cardboard first to find right size. Turned out great in the end so was happy with that!
Spectregater wrote: December 18th, 2018, 7:37 am I still have yet to get a good hole drilled by the crank generator. Wish it was hollow inside there instead of being solid resin.
If you mean the hole for the hose like in above picture, I had to drill a hole with a large drill bit, then largen the hole step by step with a dremel, then I'd turn over the shell and smoothen out the path with a dremel till hose fit in.

Tip : if you do the hole with a hole cutter near the N-Filter for the hose you can use the circle that is left over as a template to draw around on the crank, template can also be used to mark your spot for the ribbon cable too.
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CorfieldUK81 wrote: December 17th, 2018, 10:31 am The hole for the Ribbon cable and the hose for the wand I used a hole cutter.
Are you planning on mounting your electronics on your motherboard or directly onto your shell? If you choose the former, the placement of your hole for your loom could be problematic whenever you remove the shell from your motherboard. I had to cut a "mouse hole" on the edge of the shell to avoid needing to feed the loom through the hole, like so:



Obviously, you might have other plans in mind for your electronics. If that's the case, please ignore my post. It's just something to think about down the line.
Nice idea but a bit late now I've cut my hole I guess lol, plan was to use a zip tie to keep the loom in the hole, not even thought too much about electronics yet as they are expensive on GBfans for UK buyers :/ one bridge at a time, still worrying on drilling holes on pack and building the wand lol
Spectregater wrote: December 28th, 2018, 5:07 pm I have been trying to find the clamp you are using Canpara but have had no luck.
Spectregater wrote: December 28th, 2018, 5:07 pm I have been trying to find the clamp you are using Canpara but have had no luck.
I purchased mine from Bionic Moon Labs (bishopdonmiguel on GBFans) and I cannot recommend it enough: I see that the GBFans thread is locked and the Etsy store is sold out. However, you could try messaging bishopdonmiguel directly. He's a swell guy and very helpful.
So I got my drill taps to start the holes on the shell. Started by trying to get the hole I cut too big due to an incorrect sized pipe corrected using Car Filler sent by Benofkent. First time doing this it was messy and tricky lol bolted it in place and sanded down a little. Might sand it a bit more / top up filler in places. Will look neater once painted. Next Job is the Bumper
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