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By JTysonLambert
I've been working on my uniform for a bit. Wanted to go ahead and start a thread. I'm going for screen accuracy in the sense that I want to capture the overall spirit of the movie. I don't want to perfectly replicate any specific uniform in any specific scene, but I want it to look like it could have stood next to what was on screen at any given moment. I think a lot of my uniform will be somewhere in the middle-ground of the various movie props.

My elbow pads are GBFans pads. I've trimmed the hems off to be more in line with the movie. I've also tapered and trimmed them down to better fit my arms. I resized the elastic straps to be a bit tighter, sewed on the black patches and weathered them up a bit. I airbrushed the pads to get a median of the various shades of grey from the actual movie pads and to make the colour a bit more patchy. The GBFans pads are a bit too clean and bright for my tastes, but I didn't want to go as dark as some of the pads in the movie. I painted the pad lip darker as well, but with layers of dark grey. I didn't want to do anything full-on flat black, because I'm going for a well-worn look. After everything was done, I dirtied them up a bit with a mixture of dingy coloured pastel pigments.



I have a couple of the GBFans belts. Again, going for a well worn look, I wanted to replicate Ray's belt from the Gozer fight. I repainted all of the eyelets, buckle and slide with matte black to get rid of the gloss shine of the GBFans paint, gave all of the metal parts some rub wear to expose some bare metal and gave the eyelets a brown and rust wash. Added some rust staining from the eyelets onto the canvas to replicate the effect apparent on Ray's belt. I also faded the canvas a bit to give it a more de-saturated look it seems to have in some scenes. With the second belt I'll try to replicate the belts from the Sedgewick bust, as the metal bits were a polished brass in those scenes.

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