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By SimpleJedi
Hi everyone,
New guy here and I have absolutly everything to build my proton pack but when it comes to the electronics, I’m lost. Seen a few forums but too much to get my mind aroubd it. Can someone answer the following questions and help me out with this delima?

1- What’s the full list of supplies which I would need for the electronics? This included tools, wires, speakers, batteries...
2- detail instructions on how to hook everything and mount it.

Thanks guys
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By ccv66
So gb fans shop, get the amplified sound board, wand light kit, power cell cyclotron light. Might be a wait on some parts.. if you want the video game changing color cyclotron , message spongeface. You need blue brick battery and a speaker, there's cheaper options around but gbfans are fine.. then maybe a few feet of wire and some wire strippers.. dollar tree used have wire strippers. Everything is labled, and most of the time each thing takes different plugs .. as difficult as puzzle
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By ccv66
Great information here. Gives you a parts list on the first page. CountDeMonet even put all the files etc. on GitHub

It's the cheaper and more rewarding. I think building your own lights from scratch is awesome. If your tight on money, you have free time and you like building things, it's the way to go. Gbfans is the more expensive but simple way to go
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By NotSabbat
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Concur. GBFans is super simple and is essentially plug and play. Plus you wont have to go through the TSing issues that I did when one or two of my solder points werent the best :D

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