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By Ghostytheghost
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Heyo! A while ago, I was hard at work on a 1999 styled DVD boxart for Ghostbusters 3. Then I decided, why not do the whole damn thing? So I cracked down and got to work on something bigger. The Ghostbusters 3 Project was in full swing. I had to grab the right sounds, pictures, and videos in order for the authenticity to shine. Since there was progress on Jason Reitman's new movie, I figured that I should share an update on mine. In the short run, it's almost done. Keyword being ALMOST. I managed to get subtitles to work, but they're not complete. The Reworking Shandor featurette has not been started at all, and the music videos have ridiculous stand-ins as they weren't complete either. Collaborative help for these videos would be helpful! I then decided to test it out for real by burning it onto a disc and seeing it unfold. It was burnt onto a Verbatim DVD+R DL disc given the amount of data that would be burnt. Here's a 12 minute demo of the disc on an unlisted YouTube video: https://youtu.be/bwL_UqCpw_A

As I've said before, some more helping hands would be cool. Especially the music videos. I can send in the movie (fullscreen version since 1998 music videos were still 4x3) and song file(s).

Well, I guess that covers it! I await to see your comments! Thanks in advance!

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