By TheKevinShow
So, an infinitesimally small number of you may remember the hand-built pack I built for WonderCon a few years ago (I’m the guy who built it for a MOLLE frame rather than an ALICE) and while I’m beyond ecstatic that it worked out, there were parts of it that were less-than-ideal. For example, insulation foam boards aren’t the heaviest material but I have options that can be much lighter. For example, I can use EVA foam. Since I’m already working on an unrelated cosplay project with it, I figured I’d start on a brand new pack with that foam. So, I’m wondering if the community has any consensus on which Pepakura patterns are best to use if I want to use foam instead.

Also, if I build a pack to movie spec, how difficult would it be to convert it to a TVG pack if I build the extras? I really want to make the VG pack eventually.
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By Hammer
When I built my Pep shell a few years ago there weren't any pep plans available. I put mine together by researching several plans. I think it worked out pretty well. Sadly in my excitement and haste I didn't make a master set for later use. Truth be told, I wasn't confident it was going to work. It did and I'm itching to do another shell build. I love working with EVA but I don't know I'd trade the solid fibreglass shell for EVA. A hybrid may be cool....some rock solid, some EVA. To each their own. I'm sure whatever you come up with it will be awesome. Good luck and post the build!
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