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By Beeb1989
Wow!... Talk about Déjà vu... it’s been over 15 years sense I was in the Ghostbusters prop world! I’ve missed this place! Some of you that have been here a while might remember me. ;)

I scratch-built my first proton pack from wood in the early 2000’s and what an adventure that was! Met some amazing builders here and made some good friends!
https://www.barrystephensondesign.com/r ... =image_cip

While I still have my original pack and am still really happy with it but ever since seeing the post of the Venkman Hero Pack build on the RPF by the amazing AJ Quick I’ve been jonesing to build another one... so here I am!

Really looking forward to getting back into The madness known as “building a proton pack”! Lol!

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