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By Kingpin
Image credit: Paul Rudoff and Spook Central.

Sunday saw the broadcast of the two-hour special Ghostbusters: Behind Closed Doors on the Reelz channel, and in addition to new and historic interview content and behind the scenes photographs, an unseen deleted scene from Ghostbusters II appeared as part of the B-roll content (sequences often filmed with a secondary camera behind the primary one).

Paul Rudoff has uploaded a copy of the deleted scene to Spook Central for you to watch and enjoy.

While it is unfortunate that some of the scene's audio was obscurred through Reelz' editing process, it still offers a unique piece of content from Ghostbusters II in the film's 30th anniversary year.
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By mrmichaelt
RE the new deleted scene. The excerpt from the Naha novel appears to originate from the 11-27-88 draft on page 53. So it seems at one point, they kept Peter's line about the boutique but jettisoned the gaudy costumes and dded Winston and Ray working on a Slime Blower except now it seems post-montage since Winston is in the charcoal suit and Ray is in the lab coat. It's not in the Feb. 27 1989 draft. It could be a case it being in another draft in between or one after February 27 - and they weren't sure so they took it out, put back in, took it out, filmed it since we know there's a bunch of drafts from December up to February 8.
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By JA Slow
More of Winston, now that's what both of these movies needed. This is awesome! Dig into the vault and find more of this hidden treasure. I'm stuck in Alaska doing a seasonal jobby and this brightened my day up a bit.

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