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By RedSpecial
Thanks for the kind words, gents :D
Adub794 wrote: November 2nd, 2019, 8:39 pm I knew there would be a good reason to subscribe to your build. I never would have thought of a bracket for the injector tubes. The added bonus is that it’ll be covered up by the ribbon cable. Excellent!

It's definitely a worthwhile addition.
I can't tell you how many times the injectors and tubing on my old pack got bumped or snagged at events, so its great to have the extra strength in that area.

Not that it was my idea mind you.
Here it is on the Super hero pack from the Sony lobby pics in the refence section.


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By JWils23
Looking great Red! What did you use to make the striations and were you able to find some reference on their spacing? I’ve been looking for some detail on those and I want add them to my Hero build As well but unless they’re staring me right in the face I haven’t been able to find much on them.
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By JWils23
RedSpecial wrote: December 10th, 2019, 8:46 am Thanks!

I used some small diamond files and a scalpel to lightly score the surface of the shell.

Here are the reference pics I used.
They're from the Murray Hero pack.



Thanks for posting this, it’s exactly what I was looking for!
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By RedSpecial
I decided to epoxy together the three sections of the GB1 V-hook.
There may be some evidence of this being done on the hero packs going from this image of what's left on the super hero pack.


Either way, it makes for a stronger part, putting less strain on the threaded aluminium, meaning that I don't have to rely on that alone to keep it all together under the weight of the thrower.

I also decided to dry fit the V-hook on the shell just to make sure it all fit without any issues.
So far so good.

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By RedSpecial
Yesterday was my first day getting back into my projects after the Christmas break.
So I decided to throw the HGA together.
Based loosely on the one on the Super Hero pack.

The SMC elbow is just a placeholder until I get around to making some decent replicas.

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By RedSpecial
Thanks :)

I know it can be a really intimidating project with so many elements to consider but you've come to the right place.
It's an invaluable resource.

Between the pics of the screen used packs in the reference section, the info in the equipment section, the pinned posts at the top of this forum and the years of amazing builds on the forums you can't really go wrong.

And once you start breaking the build down into individual tasks it becomes much more manageable.
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By RedSpecial
I turned the ion arm rod yesterday.
Although I managed to mangle the top rod like an idiot [emoji849]
Then after a bit of experimentation, I aged it to a nice dark reddish brown patina by sealing it in an air tight container for six hours with crushed, over boiled egg yolks.
The yolk releases sulfur which reacts with the copper leaving it like this:
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By RedSpecial
Today was the first part of the nfilter build.
The cap was welded on then the holes drilled out, Hero style with the two holes nearest the top of the part being spaced closer together than the rest.
It still needs some deburring and cleanup.

Part two will involve taking a template from the cast in nfilter on the shell so that I can cut this down to the final length and shape to fit against the shell as well as make and attach a plate inside the nfilter in order to bolt it onto the shell.

Then it's on to part three where I'll need to clay off the inside of the shell, apply fiberglass then cut the cast in nfilter away before I can bolt the new one on.

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By RedSpecial
Today I received of one of the few aluminium parts that I don't have the equipment to make by myself.

The new uber accurate GBfans guntrack.
It's a beautiful peice of machining.

I can't wait to put this to use.


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By RedSpecial
I haven't had a chance to work on the Nfilter yet but I received the split loom today.

I ordered two separate 2 meter lengths from different manufacturers to check what differences there are.
Both of them were comparible in flexibility and looks but the actual diameter varied a lot between them.

These are the dimensions you need.
It fits perfectly in the vac tube and thrower handle with a spot on match to the profile of the split loom that was used on the screen used packs.



When they arrive they'll have some odd bends in them due to being tightly coiled but thats easily corrected by pulling the loom taught, gently clamping each end down then using either a hair dryer or a heat gun on low heat along the entire length for a couple of minutes.
Once it cools down it'll be the perfect shape with no odd twists or bends.

If there's any lettering on the surface, it can easily be removed with isopropyl alcohol without damaging the surface.
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