Is it possible to take the connectors off of the ribbon cable for connecting your Proton Gun / Wand light kit to your GBFans Sound Board? The reason that I ask is because I have 3D printed a gun box and as the parts are getting here, I tried to see if I can get the ribbon cable through the little extension tube that holds the back handle and I really could not. I have been trying to bore it out with the biggest drill bit that I have and I am still not having any luck. I am almost ready to remix the file and give it another go. I spoke to the guy who made the original and although he made it for the GBfans light kit, he said that he actually cut his cable and ran it through and then reassembled the cable again once it was all put together in the pack. Does anyone know of an easy way to do this because I have never gone on cutting up IDE / IDC style cables before and I really don't want to mess this up. If it is easy then I can keep moving. If it isn't easy then I will modify the .STL file and reprint. Any advice??

Here is the part in question here so you can see why I can not pass it through where the back handle would connect....

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