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By CineCraft
Hey all!

First time posting here. I found a pretty funny short clip of behind the scenes footage from Ghostbusters, in which Rick Moranis channels his alter ego Bob McKenzie while on set between takes. It's a hoot! I just wishI could figure out the source, if it's from a longer documentary or featurette or something?

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By mrmichaelt
Interesting, could have been unreleased material. I was thinking an EPK or the Japanese Laserdisc. It definitely has the feel like it could have been on what we commonly see as part of a gag reel.

Events on Cinema also released a 2nd one of Ivan in the editing bay of an unseen motorcycle stunt. It looks like it would have took place right after the last frame of the Zombie Taxi Driver scene. Might even be the same pile of garbage.

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