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By Degobah Don
I recently found the Radio Shack TRS-80 computer that Egon uses. I was wondering if anyone has, or knows where to find, the cassette interface backing.

Fingers crossed.
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By Alex Newborn
I have one. I don't have a recent pic of it, but here's a shot I took in 2014.


I got the PC-4 calculator first, and searched in vain for the interface by itself. I finally saw an auction on eBay with the PC-4 AND the interface, so I bought the PC-4 a second time just because it was so hard to find the interface.

Here's the Equipment page for the item(s): ... alculator/

It IS possible to build an interface from scratch, as odd as it may sound. I can't find the thread at the moment, and the photo links might be dead even when I do, but sometime prior to 2014, James Fincher of Fincher Technologies (username jimfin on this forum) used some Facebook photos of mine and a couple of measurements that I provided to make one entirely by hand.

He sourced the exact power button, even had the correct number of pins on the interior to go into the PC-4. I held the thing in my hands before he told me it was hand-made, and I couldn't tell the difference between that one and my factory-made one. I even asked him where he found another real one, then my jaw dropped when he said it was custom-built.

By Degobah Don
Wow thanks for the information it sounds like an uphill battle to either find or recreate. If you ever find another or if anyone knows of one, I'd love a shot at it. Thanks
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