By tattrider
Hi all, I've been researching and reading forums on the different electronics for the pack. But a little help would be appreciated as some of them dnt seem to be available. Like I'm leaning towards gbfans mainly blue it's the one I see used the most and it looms the most capable of expanding. Any suggestions or links or reviews on currently available (or soon to be) electronics would be great. What ones can connect with others? Better at running multiple lights sounds at once? Thank y'all for ur help or advice
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By doctorevil30564
it mostly depends on your budget and what all you want to do with your pack.

My first pack electronics were the heavy props kit.
Pros: was inexpensive, under $200 for the entire kit
Cons: extremely confusing wiring scheme, firing button for kit was setup that you had to use a three prong toggle switch that is normally used for the vent functions on other kits instead of the black push button. No venting or pack overload features. Never could get the theme song function to work.

I recommend to avoid this kit.

My second kit that I'm still using is the Ninjatunes kit
Pros: extremely easy to wire up uses ribbon connections between the wand electronics board and the pack electronics. Has built in relays to use a n-filter kit with it. juke box mode that has over 30 songs that has the pack lights blink in sequence with the music playback. Priced reasonably with shipping came to under $200.
Cons: ninjatunes kit maker only makes them in small batches, so may be on waiting list for a while. Kit maker is located in Greece so may take a while to get the kit when it ships out. Doesn't have as many functions as the gbfans kit (TVG pack modes).

I don't have any experience with the gbfans kit or the rabid prototypes kit so someone else would need to advise about those.

I am helping a friend in my group out with adding a gbfans sound board into his pack to work with the jupiter electronics kits that he has installed in his pack and wand. I'm hoping that we can get it to work without too many issues.

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