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By 3N19M4
My name is Blake, user name 3N19M4, and I am a cosplayer, prop maker, and all around Ghostbusters fan. Like many of you, I've made my own suits, gadgets and equipment in the Ghostbusters cosplaying field, while also cosplaying as many other characters from various films and cartoons. I use to have a proton pack and suit, however, as time went on I lost a lot of weight and my pack slowly decayed (thanks wood). Because of this, I am on a mission to recreate my suit and gear, with some added bonuses! Who you gonna call? Prob not me right now. :cool:
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By DhampirVampire
Hey Blake! Welcome to the forum.
I have lurked here myself for a long while. Hope to see progress of your recreations as you work on them! What other series and characters have you done? I cosplay when I can too. Though I tend to be more a Genderbend Cosplayer. I take boys and make 'em girls usually. Lol.

Hope to see you around!

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