Oh my , i don know if i have tat kinda patience like u had , having bad experiences,cant they just be consistent?
Where is this suits made at? Can Indy just pay a visit to the manufacturers of his flighsuits to make sure that QC is maintained.

I just need more reassurance to invest in his suits…or else i will just wait n see , wait for others to give more feedback , of the latest batch.including urs too
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UEF wrote: January 19th, 2022, 3:40 am Ordered a Magnoli, due around July hopefully :-)

The best time to plant a tree is a year ago, the second best time is today.
How’d you get on with the process of sending your size? That’s the bit which has me concerned as it’s a long wait to find out whether I’ve done it right 😂
I was very concerned about that. Measured, remeasured and added a bit to be safe! To be honest it’s a shame they don’t do off the shelf sizes as I’d prefer to get one of those (assuming they’re standardised) over using my amateur measurements.
Indy Magnoli wrote: January 28th, 2022, 1:07 pm We were offering off-the-shelf sizes, but that was a bigger mess than made-to-measure and didn't work out to be much cheaper, so we scrapped that and are only doing MTM now.
So I got my suit early, and did an off-the-shelf size, and it's perfect. If I were to order a second suit, could you still reference what sizes you were doing back then, or would I still need to take new measurements?
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Thanks for the heads up Indy, I was looking to get a charcoal suit! The measurements were just a few inches bigger than the V1 I have which works out perfect as I wanted it just a little bit baggier. Hopefully no one grabbed it before I got it but it looks like my order went through.

**Edit - Joachim just emailed me and said someone else ordered it right before me. Bummer!**
Indy Magnoli wrote: June 25th, 2022, 2:07 pm I believe it's around seven months right now, but we're working to get this down to 2-3 months as standard.
Ah! Cool. Was around 6 when I ordered. 7 when I last replied makes sense then. And postage times are nuts right now. Just checking before I hit the panic button (also an Anovos customer - I've written that off! :P)
Indy Magnoli wrote: January 28th, 2022, 1:22 pm Yes, we could reference the previous measurement we used for your suit, no problem.
So I went and purchased the GB2 Charcoal suit after knowing the previous measurements from my other suits could be used but after a few months of ordering the charcoal suit, I get an email saying it can't be done and I'd have to measure my previous suit?
If you ordered previously using your own measurements, we can use the same set, but if you had ordered using our old off-the-rack sizing, we haven't been using those for a while as they proved problematic. In this case, it would be best for you to measure your existing suit if it fits well and send us these specs for your new one.
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