Just got my suit in, ahead of schedule. It's exactly what I was hoping for. Perfect color. Fabric is heavy duty, just as people have said, and patches are great. The leg hose attachment fits my GB Fans hose perfectly. I don't need to go into much more on it, as I'd be rehashing praise from other posts in the thread. Just rest easy that these are the suits to buy. I can't wait to put an order in for a GB 2 charcoal later this year.

One thing I want to caution people on is washing the suit if you have a hose connector attached. I decided to follow the wash instructions on the tag, and even turned it inside out just to give the leg hose and patches extra protection. Sadly, the leg hose ripped half-off and tore the fabric a little in the process.

I don't have a large enough sink to make hand washing practical, but I'd recommend that for anyone that doesn't have a reinforced leg hose, like the one Todd Cook sells, that includes a backing piece for the other side of the fabric to avoid any tearing accidents.

If Magnoli sees this, thank you for providing the suit I've wanted to own since I was 5 years old. The only critique I'd offer is to include some modified washing instructions (small postcard or paper included in the packaging, since I think the tags are sewn before in before the hose is attached. That, or think about including a reinforced backing plate like Todd Cook offers.

I've included a couple of pictures, not to just show the leg hose attachment tearing off, but I thought they were great examples to show how the color changes in different lighting. One is using natural light, and the other a warmer light.
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Wanted to show an example of Indy's GB 2 charcoal suit. Came in the mail a few weeks back, well ahead of schedule.

Made exactly to the measurements I provided, as I went back to double check. I also made a special request to use the GB1 patch on the arm, which was accommodated.

There was a fabric change since it's original release, and it's now a very heavy duty feeling duck cotton fabric. If you plan on wearing this suit a lot in warm weather, keep that in mind. It was great at an event this week, as the weather was around 50 degrees F. It kept me perfectly comfortable.

Thanks to Indy and his team for another great product!
djsparky wrote: January 17th, 2024, 2:26 am Was that suit “fitted” “baggy” “loose”? Etc?
My suit was ordered fitted. I ordered it fitted so I could lose some weight and give it a bit more room. Just haven't lost the weight yet. With the waste straps being adjustable, it was pretty forgiving in the gut area.

A few things on how I did my sizing from that charcoal suit: I accidentally over-measured my sleeve length by a couple of inches, so the sleeves look a little more bunched than normal. If you are on the larger end of the scale, add an extra inch or two to the torso and hip measurements to avoid any potential wedgie issues and give you more wiggle room to kneel down or bend over. Just remember to decrease your leg length measurement by however much you add to the torso length, otherwise the legs will be way too long.
cryrid wrote: January 21st, 2023, 6:07 pm
Venkman1984 wrote: January 7th, 2023, 3:02 pm did you ever get this suit and if so do you have photos/measurements
Sorry, I thought I had edited my post to mention that it had arrived but I guess not. I received the suit on Jan 4th, so it was just shy of 2 months of waiting.

The lighting in my photos does not do it justice - it looks absolutely amazing in person and I'm very pleased with it.


As for measurements, I'll stress that this was an overstock item, meaning it wasn't tailor made for me like their normal suits are. For reference I'm 5'8", 150~lbs. At the time I ordered they had 3 suits in overstock, each had their own unique list of dimensions. I quickly compared them to my existing suit (a CWU-27/p size 42R), measuring the suit itself rather than my body, and based on those measurements I felt that two of the overstock suits were good candidates for me. They had a Tan Herringbone one available that was almost exactly the same dimensions as my existing suit, but since I already had a tan uniform that I am more than happy with, I wound up going for the Charcoal Grey Duck Cotton suit that I always wanted (but was a bit more of a gamble when it came to its listed dimensions as you'll see below).

Compared to my existing uniform, it was listed as being a little wider in the shoulders and longer in the arms but not to an excessive amount (I don't mind these uniforms being a bit bigger anyway since a little bagginess helps the look, and the sleeves on my other uniform do feel a little short). The waist is a little narrower but still fits just fine (it just means I don't have to use the velcro adjusters to bring it in). The biggest gamble was in the legs, as they were listed as being several inches shorter. I figured since the torso was a bit longer and I like to blouse my legs into my boots then it should be fine (and worth the risk due to the reduced price and waiting time). Luckily I was right.


Lastly, name tags and hose connectors were not included with this item (I'm not sure if that's a Charcoal Grey Duck Cotton suit thing or just part of the original overstock order).

Does it have a slight blue to it? It kinda looks like it to me (as it should)
I was very worried when I saw mine that it was a straight charcoal color with no blue tint at all. As soon as I started to see pictures of myself in different light, the blue tint really comes through. Here's a picture of me from a St. Pat's parade earlier this year.
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