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By Ecto Vader
Hey there.

I am posting this here for a future interest in 3D printed Ghostbusters Franchise Logo. I've started last month thinking about coming up with an upgrade for my sculpted Alabama GB logo which I was commissioned for it to make as Christmas Ornaments. They came out nice and the ALGB chief at the time (Brock Parker) was impressed since he wasn't expecting a sculpted logo instead of a painted one. He even came to visit me during my sculpting process and molding.

Today and after weeks of designing and coming out with a better solution, I came across the original logo in 3D a couple of years ago, but wanted to make it more personal by adding that logo to ANY STATE-SHAPED franchise available, and not just that but to actually alter the size of it for any purpose. So, here are the very first results, Alabama and Georgia GB Logos, and they could be altered in size and dimensions to fit for either an ornament, a plaque, an award, trophy, etc. Again, I could only do this with the classic logo, but not with the GB2 logo style which I don't have and I wish I do.


Let me know what you think so far.

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