By Spectregater
So I am running the GBFans sound board (the newer version) and for about a year have been using the 4" speaker sold in the shop. Lately I have been wanting to get better quality sound. However everything I have tried, two 4" 4ohm speakers in series and even one 6.5" and one 4" is series gives lots of distortion at barely anything over 50%.

Now it's not every sound that has the issue, mainly the proton stream end fire sound and the shut down sound. Best I can figure it's that those two sounds have the most bass in them.

I just can't figure out how to get full high quality sound.
By Tommorris22
There are a number of things to troubleshoot based on what you said. If the speakers are on the cheaper side, it could be they simply can’t handle the dynamic range of the audio signal. Cheaper speakers are especially bad for low end frequencies and some of the proton pack sounds (depending on the file) have some very low lows. On my hero build I went with a pair of 6” 3-way speakers for this very reason and haven’t had any issues. The problem with these is just the added weight. They are heavy. If the other sounds (containing more mid/high rage frequencies) aren’t breaking up then that’s probably the issue. If there’s crackling or it’s inconsistent with what’s distorting, then it’s possible it’s an issue with connection or the amplifier. Hope that helps
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By Spectregater
Problem is especially with anything non essential on Amazon is they are going to take a month to ship them. See a few highly rated 6.5's for good prices, but there's no way to get them locally. Thankfully with whats going on these days all event I would need my pack for are cancelled.
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By da_rambler20
mike_waclo wrote: March 24th, 2020, 12:33 pm I bought a pair of these: ... d40a240612

... and used one of them in my pack, keeping the second as a backup option. The sound is great... good dynamic range, and lots of bass response, for the size.
How can you only use one of these in the pack with it only being 4 ohm? Don't you need two to make up for the 8 ohm impedence from the GB fans soundboard/amplifier?
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By mike_waclo
da_rambler20 wrote: March 3rd, 2021, 11:32 am How can you only use one of these in the pack with it only being 4 ohm? Don't you need two to make up for the 8 ohm impedence from the GB fans soundboard/amplifier?
I'm no pro at this, but I picked those speakers after having trouble finding an 8 ohm model I liked, and reading through Doug's instructions...


Not sure how/why it all works, but it works!
By Mat
Chances are the distortion has to do with the speakers vibrating the motherboard against the shell. An easy way to find the problem area is to crank the volume on the soundboard and apply pressure around the shell until you find the problem area. Once you find where the vibration is (you'll know!) cut a piece of weather stripping to match the shell and apply it to the problem area between the shell and the motherboard.

I'm notoriously bad when it comes to explaining things (ask my co-workers lol) so hopefully that made sense!

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