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By Captain_Howdy1444
Where can I buy a kit? I keep seeing benofken everywhere when I do a search but I've seen a lot of bad reviews. I would also like to order the pack kit from inside the US to cut down on delivery time. Any sugestions?
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By Kingpin
I've not owned one of Ben's kits, but the general gist I've gotten about the quality of his products is pretty favourable.

I can't recall any US kit producers at the moment, the only thing I can advise is avoid Videobob like he were the human personification of covid-19, his products are beyond terrible.
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By ccv66
There's never been the perfect kit. Really the best way to go is to hunt down parts individually. Kits are nice because they're usually the cheapest easiest way to go, but you'll probably still end up upgrading here & there. Could go expensive get aluminum wand and pack parts ect.. I'd probably wait to see if PCHRISBOSH1 or The stunt linage , makes another batch of shells. While you're waiting on the shell could start on the wand which is the hardest most time consuming part. If you don't go metal, check out throwing chicken s kit.
There's a few design choices I didn't care for with benofkents kit, but it seems like most people are happy with it. I got the anovos kit, happy with the kit, not the company, but I ended up throwing away alot of the parts. I know nothing about the gbfans shop shell, but I can't imagine it's too terrible
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By Captain_Howdy1444
I bit the bullet and just bought the GB fans shell. I can fab the rest of the parts myself at my shop, no problem. I've ordered the Plasma series Egon wand from Hasbro. If I can mod that into the pack easily, I'll just stick with that until I get the time to rout out and weld together my own Thrower. Thanks for the feedback, it's very much appreciated.

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