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No offense to the new logo, but I just think it could be done... better. I have a vector version of the no-ghost logo that I made myself. From what I remember, there was a potential copyright issues with the old forum logo, and they had to significantly edit it in order for it to be utilized. Sort of like these franchise logos.

Anyway, I have been tinkering with my no-ghost vector and came up with this. I remember someone made a version that was more subtle, and centered than the current one and that was not deemed original enough to pass. But I thought it better that the red part of the logo should commit to the G-shape. It was also my intention to make something, I dunno, cooler? Maybe that's why I added the sunglasses. :p

I wouldn't mind some criticism thrown my way. Constructive or otherwise. Consider this still a draft of sorts and I'm just dipping my toe in the water to see what others think.


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