Ok guys help me out here ... I want the movie sounds for my pack but I do not like the end of firing that is currently on my sd card. There’s nothing, it just stops unlike the video game sounds that has the cool down sound after you fire. I found these two sound files available for download
http://www.gbfans.com/images/shop/pack- ... -files.zip
Now here is the link from the store that has the sounds installed on the sd card when you get your soundboard

The pack blaster files actually have the end of fire cool down sound for the movie sounds but the current one loaded on the sd card ends abruptly.
Also the files are named differently but would you be able to use the pack blaster sounds instead of the ones loaded on the stock as card????
Yes, you can replace files by renaming them with the original file names. I did this to my board last year, as I liked the video game version of the proton stream sound, but didn't like the 11 second overheat limit. So I replaced the movie sounds with the game sounds, and now I can fire indefinitely, and get the game power down sound.
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First download audacity. Then what ever song you want. Load the song into audacity and change the rate to something like 17 hertz. Save as a mp3. Next remove the sound board sd card and look at the files. Change the name of the new song to the exact same thing on the sd card. Then replace it on the sd card.
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