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By PFDEng11
Good night/morning from the Virginia/North Carolina line. I used to have an account on here years ago, but my activity on here and all other forums I was on dwindled down to nothing for the most part for a long time as my career became primary focus. Looking to get involved again with the new movie nearing release (fingers crossed) and a proton pack kit on the way! Always wanted a 1/1 scale pack and finally hit the "intensify" button on it. Speaking of which, the other morning I placed an order hastily here on GBFans shop for some additional parts I would need and although I got a message that the order has been processed and gave me an order number, my PayPal is not showing a transaction and my card has not been charged. I started thinking about not even having an active account on the site anymore and was afraid that may have caused problems. Anyone know if you have to have an account before placing an order? I need to ask AJ I guess to see if it was cancelled so I can reorder now or if it's still there going to be fulfilled when they open back up. Anyways, looking forward to all the discussion. I got a lot to catch up on.
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By Kingpin
Welcome aboard/back, PFD! :)

As far as I'm aware you don't need to have a forum account to be able to order things from the store. When did you place your order? Was the order placed before, or after you created your current profile?

As the store's closed until the 17th, it may be the case that your order hasn't been processed yet, not that it was cancelled.
By PFDEng11
I placed the order before I created this profile, so that's where my concern is. I knew, ahead of making the order, that the store would be closed so I was prepared for that. After paying through PayPal and then not seeing the transaction when I looked at their site, I just wanted to make sure the order was legitimate without first having an active account. Thanks for the response!
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By AJ Quick
Welcome back.

If you have an order confirmation email, that means your order was successful.

Check that email for details about shipping and payments. It will answer the questions you are having.
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By PFDEng11
I never received an email. The only kind of confirmation I received was the page stating the "order was successful" and gave me an order number of #43543. Sorry, I'm good at screwing things up sometimes. Lol
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By Merrimon
Hello! I'm new here myself. Near Virginia you say? I'm in Raleigh North Carolina and was wondering if there were any other folks in this area. Nice to meet you!
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