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People often do not want to buy used electric skateboards because they think the board had a certain history with their previous owners, and the board will not have the same performance as it did in the beginning.

This is also understandable given the fact that it has happened to many people. However, if you do good research and make the right decision, buying a used skateboard will bring a lot of benefits such as saving a considerable amount of money and saving time setting mode for the board.


Many people get too excited about the sport and jump right into buying a brand new e-board without doing the proper research. If so, the new skateboard is not necessarily equal to the used one.

There are many opportunities that you can buy a used electric skateboard that will still work like new. There are many people who buy the wrong board, they will want to sell it at a lower price than the market or we also know it as liquidation sale. Or there are people who quit the sport immediately after buying the board. These are great opportunities for you to buy quality motorized boards at a great price.

People who want to sell and buy used electric skateboards will gather in one place and trade, and these groups are often most active on social networking sites. I will reveal some places where you can buy or sell second-hand electric boards. You may have luck or risk buying second hand electric skateboards, but like I said, doing some serious research before making your decision is really needed.

Places to sell or buy second hand electric skateboards?

The resources below are all my research, you read them once, but can use them for your next and next boards. By the way, I also recommend a very useful source of information about electric skateboards for your reference that is eSkateBuddy - An Electric Skateboarding Blog.


Ever heard of Reddit? Sure you do, right? This is a huge source of information covering nearly all areas of life such as gaming, BMX, car, home, and of course electric skateboarding.

Each area will have a dedicated forum called a subreddit. To find a used motorized skateboard, you can search in the following subreddit:


Here you can find a lot of great deals, you can find a brand new powered skateboard at a lower price than that of the manufacturer, or there are also many electric skateboards for sale. Keep digging and you will find gold!

r/electricskateboarding Thread

This is a forum that is very active every day. Buyer meets the seller and trades. You will find interested sellers here or advice from people who are just excited about the growth of the sport.


eBay is a large and popular e-commerce site. Just patiently searching, you will find a complete board to your liking or just buy a few parts.


I love buying on eBay because they have a user protection policy. You will be refunded or benefited if you receive a product that does not match the description. eBay has a bidding feature, you can leave your desired price for a used electric skateboard there, when there is a match, they will send you a notification.

If you want to have more skills buying on e-commerce platforms, you can check out the Buying Guide Category on eSkateBuddy to know more.
Facebook groups

Facebook is so familiar to us already, right? Many people even spend hours surfing facebook everyday. As the largest social network on the planet, Facebook is full of groups where you can find people who want to sell used electric skateboards or share experiences about this sport.

When you find a seller, you can contact them to check the board in person. Facebook groups are a very solid and reliable source of information. With over 4k members, ?Electric Skateboard for Sale? is very active every day, you can definitely find something good here.

Electric skateboard forums

When it comes to the esk8 forum, electric-skateboard.builders is the place you should definitely visit. This forum includes many members from around the world, so you can find esk8 from a very wide source. Not only the 2nd hand boards but the parts can also be found here.

evolveforums.com is the next forum you can check out. ?Wanted? is an area where you can post information to buy the type of board you need, the seller will contact you or leave product information under the comments section. You will definitely find tons of options here, all you need to do is to sift through the information and buy the best one for yourself.

So we just went through some of the most popular places to get yourself a used esk8. What are you waiting for if you don't start searching right away? Maybe someone is looking for a new owner for their e-skateboard now!
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