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By Photon Guy
The scene in the first Ghostbusters movie where Peter goes to Dana's apartment to investigate for ghosts Dana says that Peter doesn't act so much like a scientist but rather like a game show host. Anyway, I found out that in the original script Dana was supposed to say that Peter was more like a used car salesman. For some reason they changed it to game show host. Im not sure exactly why, it might've been Sigourney Weaver who suggested the change, but I wonder if they should've stuck with the original line or if it was better that Dana called Peter a game show host instead of a used car salesman, Im thinking it was better that they went along with the game show host line.
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By Bison256
Harold Ramis talked about this in the 99' commentary. It was Sigourney's idea. As a aside I believe Diana was a model in the original script but they changed it at Sigourney suggestion which I think was another good change.
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By Alex Newborn
Bison256 wrote: February 24th, 2021, 8:42 am Harold Ramis talked about this in the 99' commentary. It was Sigourney's idea.
I selected the relevant portion and uploaded it.

Although certain of their 'looking back fifteen years later' anecdotes get details wrong, for this one we also have corroboration from an older source: Don Shay's book Making Ghostbusters, from 1985.

If you're really intrigued by the behind-the-scenes stories of this movie, I highly recommend tracking down a copy of this book. If you can't find a physical copy in your price range, the entire book is on SpookCentral as a PDF.

From a sidebar in the upper left corner of p. 60:

"Although the finished sequence bears only a cursory resemblance to the script, certain elements were retained-- at least in part. Sigourney Weaver suggested that 'game show host' was both more amusing and more apropos of Venkman's persona than 'used car salesman', and so her line was changed accordingly."

It's the third book on this page: https://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/gb1_book.htm

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Which is ironic because Murray did play Family Feud host Richard Dawson on SNL. Dawson was probably the guy they had in mind at the time as the quintessential game show host. Most of them back then weren't really like Venkman at all. They were more stiff, like newscasters. But Dawson was a previous comedy actor himself, and had a lot of comedic charm that some considered oily or smarmy. He would tell a lot of wisecracks and flirt with the female guests. He very much resembled Venkman in his interactions with Dana. And Family Feud was probably still the best known game show while they were filming Ghostbusters. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy were just beginning to build an audience around then.
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