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By Kingpin

Following the success of last year's Kenner Classics Real Ghostbusters toy reissues, Hasbro have unveiled their 2021 expansion of the range, bringing back some fan-favourites which are sure to provoke a lot of excitement:

Kenner Classics Ecto-1: $50
Kenner Classics Bug-Eye Ghost: $15
Kenner Classics Fearsome Flush: $15

Like the previous release of figures, these will be an exclusive with Walmart in the United States (though it's likely that Forbidden Planet and Zavvi in the UK will stock these like they did with the 2020 release). The Ecto-1 and figures are scheduled for release in April, while pre-orders will be available from the 15th of March 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT.

Visit the topic to see photos of the new wave of Kenner Classics.
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I hoped for the Ecto but didn't expect it this soon. I want to get the whole Kenner line but if they pick up the pace I won't be able to afford it. I want to be frugal but don't want to skip getting those ghosts to have money for a firehouse then have them not make it.
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Part of me REALLY wants that Ecto-1 again... but then I'd have to hunt down the guys... and then print out new packs with removable streams so 3 of them can comfortably fit inside of Ecto-1... then I'd have to find an Ecto-2 for the fourth GB who COULDN'T fit inside Ecto-1... and at that point, I might as well hunt down a firehouse...

And, I already have NINE Ecto-cars of various types... one being MY ACTUAL CAR...

Collecting is HARD, man...

I really hope they get to the old play ghost trap. That'd be neat :D
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There are so many options for the repro Ectomobile.
Keep it in box * Display it out of box * Convert to Ecto-1a with replacement stickers * Convert to afterlife Ecto-1 * Repaint roofrack * Add Lights * Add 3d print modifiers * And More

So what do you have planned for yours?

If I get one it stays in box. If I get two one gets out of box. If I get three one becomes the Ecto-1a. I only plan to buy one but should I be gifted more at the holidays I have it all planned.
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