It's been a long eight months since the news originally broke that Randy Edelman's score for Ghostbusters II would be seeing an official release, with updates on the project proving as scarce as the ghosts were at the start of the movie...

But eagle-eyed users pizzarat and We Are Ghostbusters Germany have stumbled across listings for the score on a German music website Filmmusik, and Amazon.de, which reveal some details of the upcoming release.

Originally scheduled to go on sale on June 11th, some digging by Jason over at Ghostbusters News has indicated that the score's release has been delayed due to Covid-19-related problems which have affected the score's manufacture. The release is now expected to happen at a point later this year.

Scheduled to go on sale on the June 11th*, the set will feature tracks with the following titles:

1) A Few Friends Save Manhattan
2) A Baby Carriage Meets Heavy Traffic
3) Venkman's 6th Ave. Strut
4) Order in the Court
5) He's Got Carpathian Eyes
6) The Sensitive Side of Dana
7) In Liberty's Shadow
8 ) Rooftop Broom Kidnap
9) The Scoleri Brothers
10) Oscar is Quietly Surrounded
11) A Slime Darkened Doorway
12) One Leaky Sewer Faucet
13) Vigo's Last Stand
14) Good With Kids
15) Enlightenment
16) Family Portrait-Finale

This story has been updated 11/06/2021.
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Looks like it’s non-chronological, probably in order to make it flow as an album better, but fortunately the titles seem mostly explanatory enough to re-order them should anyone be inclined.
AT LAST! I can't wait to own this.

The track names are interesting. I'm used to the one's from the bootlegs over the years. Oh well, as long as the music is complete. I find this score to be more heroic with some good spooky themes i.e. the dark room fire. Last time I preordered something GB related was The Video Game. As soon as it's available for US preorder, I'm there!
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Same here, I've been relying on those bootleg copies for years. It's gonna be cool to get an official copy. :cool:
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