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By lifelongfan
A few years ago, I posted about a 1961 Miller Meteor I was trying to get from a very eccentric local hoarder. Well, five years later those dreams are gone for good. He refused to sell, and very unfortunately, recently a group of hooligans took baseball bats and absolutely destroyed the car. They beat every body panel to death, all the trim is destroyed, and every piece of glass broken. I was HEARTBROKEN! The only good news is that they got caught in the act and arrested. I have not been able to find ANY other hearses or ambulances locally, and the ones that pop up on eBay usually sell for way more than I can afford right now (mortgage, car payments, kids, etc...). So the wife and I are going with the back-up plan:. We're turning my Saturn Vue into an Ecto. It's paid for, gets great gas mileage, has ice cold A/C, and room for the baby seats. I've been slowly collecting stuff and/or building stuff for it. The one thing I have not been able to find much info on is the Texas Instruments ASR-5. I have a decal/sticker kit coming that includes the necessary vinyl decals for the ASR-5, but have not found a single template online on how to make it. Does anyone have one available? Where to put the knobs, switches, loom, etc.? Or does anyone make a reasonably priced kit to build your own?
By 69428scj
My recommendation: don't sweat the precise details if you're making a tribute car. Put everything where you think they go instead of trying to be exact. Your build will be much more relaxing and you'll have more of yourself into it than attempting to replicate something that isn't truly yours.
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My goal was to build it as accurately as possible now, so that when I actually get a M+M (it will happen, come Hell or high water!), I can swap it over. I'm saving most of the accurate stuff I have for that magical day when I acquire said M+M. Most of what I've built for the Ecto-Vue has been scaled down to fit the smaller roof.
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By venkman69
Hi there.
I sell the kit of you'd like one.
If you want to find me on face book Austyn Brown - I can help you out with this.

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