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Greetings, I am Gil from Buffalo New York, and for about as long as I've been dressing up as Rebel Pilot Jek Porkins I have been called a Ghostbuster... I remind them that the Ghostbusters wear their packs in the back, but what can you do?
So I figured, what the heck I might as well become a Paranormal Investigator and run around Buffalo with an unlicensed nuclear particle accelerator on my back for fun.
I modded a Spirit/Rubies pack and attached a Hasbro Spengler wand for now, but may do a full sized pack in the future.
Main Board and electronics by Frankengeek Laboratories, Labels by Moby Signs, Alice Frame by Rothco, other mods in progress...

My Instagram is @Porkins_red_six and my Twitter is @Porkins if you want to check out the other stuff I do as well.
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tk1495 wrote: September 8th, 2021, 11:14 pm love the figure!! so far its fun here!
It was fun, then I met the gatekeepers in my local city.

They say they are the "only Official" Ghostbusters group in Buffalo, There is another group I have met and they are far more friendly and welcoming. I think I'm going to hang with them because I got some serious bad vibes from the other ones! I have left other groups for just this type of elitist behavior. No one owns a fandom and the only Gatekeeper I recognize is Sigourney Weaver from Ghostbusters!

I was also told I was not a candidate for membership in their group because some of their members had a problem with another costume I do, Mexicans In Black. They didn't want me coming anywhere near them because they were afraid people would think I was part of their group. LOL Really? Talk about arrogance, eh? I did this costume because I wanted to, not for them.
I asked if the person who was offended was Mexican, they were not. I then advised the message sender (who was anonymous coming from the group's account) I was in fact Mexican/American, the creator of the concept was Mexican/American and everyone who did the costume was Mexican/American. So, where did they get off telling me how to celebrate my heritage? It's a joke on MIB that my friend David Gonzalez came up with years ago! Since the first Men In Black movie came out. This was right about the time Jason Reitman was in Mexico City promoting Ghostbusters: Afterlife too.

I also mentioned I never asked to be part of their boy band and was actually glad not to be associated with them. Gatekeepers suck!
Trust me, there will definitely be Mexican MIB/Ghostbusters running around Buffalo, New York in the near future...
Coming soon: Mexicans In Black/Ghostbusters. Because I can.
So far there are four of us. I have been welcomed to play Ghostbusters with people in other cities, other countries even.
I cannot understand what is wrong with fandom in general in Buffalo, New York. I feel bad for anyone just starting out, if this is the reception they get from the "official franchise"

This is probably the last post I'm going to make here, and I will continue to do my own thing and have fun. Maybe I'll see some of you out there... With thousands of HasLab packs coming I hope to see thousands of Ghostbusters fans having fun doing what they love! Without someone telling them they are not a "Real Fan" like they are because they are "official" 8)
I, honestly, haven't had that kind of interaction with an 'official' franchise, but what a bunch of crap. If you love the movie, if you spend hours of your own time building your pack, flight suit, belt stuff, or whatever, you're as official as they are. Only difference between you and them is probably a pin and a certificate saying they're 'official.' Don't let that small percentage of fans color your perception of the boards here. A lot of people here are good people and are willing to help you at the drop of a trap. Your gear looks really good and the MIB stuff looks awesome, I laughed a couple of times at your pics because it made so much sense. Don't give up on all fans yet.

EDIT: How'd you make your ID badge? Looks awesome.
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Badges? We do' need no stinking badges!

The word "official" is thrown around in fan groups like it really means something. It does not, unless you have the official Major Tom decoder ring with holographic logos!

Pins? I could have them made if I really wanted to, as well as certificates. They mean absolutely nothing.

I guess I'm also an official Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I have a badge after all, right?
I do it for fun, but some people take things way too seriously. I sent you a link to get the ID card, and I have not given up on everyone. Just them. I hope they one day find the true meaning of Christmas.
Ghostbusters is not my only costume.
Maybe I'm a member of an SG-1 off-world team? :mrgreen:
Thanks for the link, I have it saved for now. Money's a little tight at the moment, so I'll have to get it later.

I was looking through your Instagram and you have a lot of awesome costumes, and for some reason I'd just noticed that you are a vet. Thank you for your service, the world is a little safer because of it. I'd shake your hand, but I can't reach Buffalo, New York from California.
"Borrowed" My daughters cat head and hands when she wasn't looking...
I think it's a good look... Serious surreal pets vibe going on.
My daughter is working on her suit now, so this may happen at some point...

Is Buffalo ready for Furry Ghostbusters?
Got my Spengler pack and it's awesome.
ImageImageImageImageDid some quick and dirty mods to make it my own...My V-hook will not hold my Version One Spengler Wand so I'm waiting for a San Jamar C927EZ to replace it.
This is pretty similar, if not the same one Adam Savage used in his video, using the same holes/screws.
Original part:
ImageHelpful hint if you are removing the back, run some tape across here so these don't fall off. They are screwed on through the back:ImageImageUpdate:
ImageImageUsing the screws I got from here:
ImageImageI've been framed!
ImageImagePainting the hardware and screws black make all the difference!Image Running the whole thing off USB rechargeable D Batteries with no issues. ImageImage I am so glad I was able to get one of these. Hasbro hit the ball out of the partk with this one!
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