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Hi friends,

Been coming up with a way to create an updated, modern look at a belt Gizmo. I’ve been tinkering around with Arduino and I must say, for $27.50 worth of electronics, can’t really beat this little number!

It’s an arduino uno with an LCD shield plugged into it. Then I just used Sugru to stick it to a blank piece of circuit board that I trimmed to exactly fit in my slightly customized tape-measure belt holder.

The whole thing is powered by a 9-volt battery. The 5 buttons plus the reset put it into different modes, system checks of the proton pack, PKE meter readings, anomaly detectors… all fictional of course. Just pre-scripted sequences. Numbers animate up and down. It’s made to look like it’s always either reading out live data or sweeping the area for phenomenon.
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Used in this build:

Arduino Microcontoller ... UTF8&psc=1

DFROBOT Gravity: 1602 LCD Keypad Shield For Arduino ... UTF8&psc=1

Tape Measure holder ... ZSEGAT7RG8
They came out of Dell USBc docking stations . The Dell WD15 dock has a PCB inside that's almost the same height and width as the Sanyo ICC-808D calculator's PCB.

I also screwed on some daughter boards from from the larger WD19 docks, which has some card connector plates, similar to the plates on the bottom of the ICC-808D.

The WD15 is notorious for being junk, and aside from the cable there's no field serviceable parts, so it shouldn't be too hard to find in an e-waste bin somewhere.

I haven't found a PCB of the correct size for the belt's daughter board yet, but when I do I'm thinking I'll use one of the connectors already on the WD15 to join the two. I'd also like to wire up a dell charger so the little power indicator ring glows and plug that into the port on the upper right. I'm just waiting for a broken laptop charger to come across my desk.
Neat. I'm gonna make my own electronics for mine. Gonna have the daughter board be a battery and attach it to a secondary Arduino on the back of the electronics that has a lighting sequence I've already programmed. I'll probably also have a light or two on the daughter board, having the signal go back through the cord possibly.
I absolutely love this and am getting the parts right now! Been looking to build a gizmo and I think this is the way to go. Don't think I have the prop-making skill to make anything close to screen accurate, and this is WAY better than finding some random circuit boards and sticking them in a holster.

I carry a PKE meter on my belt, i'm planning on making a sort of daisy chain from this to the daughter board to the PKE meter holster, as if they're all working together.

Or instead of a daughter board, I might embrace the "updated" idea and hide a portable USB charge in the tape measure holster, get a coiled USB cable, and have the daughter board be a holster for my cell phone... which I can then pretty easily add some kind of neat looking techy-something or other loop playing (and, charge my phone!)
Maybe & hopefully someone can help me out, I’m a total noob to programming arduino & I just keep getting error codes when I try to install the code to the board. I’m copying straight from the website linked & I’m guessing I’m not putting things in the right area. Can anybody lend a hand
I put this together the other day. Works great, everything went super smooth. 100% newbie to this, I just downloaded the Arduino program, copy/pasted and... it worked!

I had an issue at first I tried to use the web-based program, which gave me error codes. Then I downloaded the program and everything worked well. I don't believe the web version downloaded the neccesary libraries, the downloaded program did as soon as I connected everything.

Now I need to assemble the rest of the gizmo.
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