By alywolf7
Hey everyone. I somehow misplaced my Blue Power Cell Lens and I was hoping to finish my pack for a Comic Con Oct 2nd Anyone have one of these laying around I could buy off you? I have a few other pieces I am missing but have on order from the shop. Was just going to print out something for those in the mean time but I can't find any blue Plexiglas around here.
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By Kingpin
Are there any office supply stores near you? They might carry a blue transparent folder you could cut up.

Or a temporary fix of blue tissue paper sandwitched between two pieces of transparent plastic?
By oidoglr
OP, I have one of the GBFans ones that I ended up not using for my Spirit build (sourced the Countspatula lens kit from his Etsy store) never took the peel off of it - feel free to email me using my screen name here
I took a transparent, blue serving platter from Dollar General and carved/sanded/drilled it to fit. I then had to make a washer out of foam/cardboard/random stuff to build it up so it could be held in place with the original screw. Then my spongeface kit came in and I realized that came with a lens so I replaced my fabricated lens with that. But for a couple days I had a reasonably decent (if slightly turquoise) lens of my own work.

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