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By l3w1sb159
So I'm planning my first trap build, and wanted to get some advice on the best parts or kits to use.

I'm aiming for a belt-hanger with simple lights (red led, bar graph and white led) and a simple smoke setup.

I'm looking for the best kit that would suit this setup, I'm thinking Throwingchicken stunt kit as that is one solid piece so I don't have to worry about the cartridge falling out, provided there is enough room to fit the lights and smoke kit. However everything is molded into the body so painting or replacing those parts might be tricky, as I'd like the trap to have as many "proper" parts on it as possible.

For lights I had Jupiter's in mind, but I have no idea about a smoke kit.

Any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate. :cool:
By tobycj
You might be best off with a 3D printed kit and then upgrading parts on that, as you can bolt the cartridge and trap body together easily. Might need some Dremel work to fit the bargraph, but plenty of room in the cartridge for everything I think. The BoK one is easy is to upgrade parts on.
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By l3w1sb159
Cant go wrong with BOK. Ben's one was my second option. Didn't think about bolting the cartridge in but that's a good idea, and probably lighter being 3d printed. And I have a dremel so I'm all good on that front.

Any recommendations on what to get for a smoke setup? I'm aiming to have the lights controlled from the toggle switch on the battery compartment and maybe have the smoke controlled separately from one of the side knobs.
By tobycj
BoK has a construction video for the trap that shows how he attaches the cartridge to the main body, I think you'd just need to add a nut inside the cartridge to hold it firm.

Seller element-plus on ebay does a very simple electronics set up that's just the bargraph and LED for the linrose light for less than £30. I've not got smoke in mine still (or any electronics indeed!), so not sure what to recommend there I'm afraid. I know GhostMech 852 on Facebook does a full electronics/smoke set up, but it's about $300+. If you want a very simple smoke set up it might be worth going DIY on it, have a chat with Ben Dobson or Toby Brandon on Facebook and they might be able to advise what you need to do on that front though, both really nice guys and will be happy to help I'm sure.
By tobycj
l3w1sb159 wrote: October 19th, 2021, 2:42 am Thanks, ill give them a message. Are they part of any group?
I think they're in quite a few of the active GB groups, defo both in the benofkent group, and the 3D Printed Ghostbusters Props group, and probably Ghostbusters Fans UK.

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