By bauer00
I know this is a more lengthy discussion, but I am starting off with the build part of my Venkman pack done. All of my parts and pieces are together, but I don't want to start attaching things into place and sealing areas off, until I get the electronics in.

I know that I need a light piece for the blue bar light on the corner of the pack and the lights under the cyclotron. So, I bet that is at least 2 light pieces.

I know that I have a light inside of the vent of the thrower, along with at least one toggle switch that turns on the power and or the "power-on" sound. I know there is a toggle on the left side that does the actual thrower noise and somewhere it can connect to an LED that feeds through the inside of the thrower to the the tip of the thrower tube to make it flicker with the sounds.

Now, can anyone tell me where I get the items and how they connect together? I'd be willing to pay for the assistance. I can't find instructions on what is actually needed and how they are assembled.
By bauer00
Thanks for the reply, but I was hoping to find some more reference online. There is almost nothing on youtube or even etsy, on how to take something like the gbfans amplified sound board and attach it to the gbfans thrower light kit. Yeah sure, a google doc, but I was hoping for a non-gatekeeper way of having anyone with the time and perseverance to make themselves a Proton Pack: versus those who are friends with or know that certain someone. I know that everything I need is on the gbfans store, except one thing out of stock. But the cyclotron light kit has one piece that does the lights for the blue array at the top of the pack and doesn't show 4 lights for the cyclotron, which means that there are more parts and pieces to find.

Gbfans has a thrower kit, which obviously looks like that a main power cable has to be run from the thrower body to the power pack, on the motherboard, so that means that there is a power cable of some sort, running, what..... 20 something inches?

This is what I was asking about. Is there someone on this forum that I can either communicate over Zoom or skype or someway to help me find out what the pieces are and how to set them up. I feel as though the only thing stopping me from finishing this build is the assembly of the parts.

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