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By DRoomProductions
That's awesome John, good luck! And don't worry, I won't tell anybody that the only reason you applied for the job was so you could be in two franchises.

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By Tyrael
Best of luck on the job, man.

Can't tell you guys how much I miss my home state, especially now that this has popped up! I'm hoping to have enough leave saved up for next October that I can take basically the second half of the month off to celebrate my birthday, attend ISU Homecoming as part of the Alumni Band (assuming it's the same time of the month it was this year), and enjoy Halloween there.
By DRoomProductions
That sucks man. Every time I've ever gotten one of those letters, I always assume the "other applicants" are guys like Bono, and Superman. It takes some of the sting out.

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By BustingCO
keoni wrote:Thanks guys, I received a letter saying they were "considering other applicants". oh well.. I still have other applications out in CR... I will be there eventually!! lol
Sorry to hear that and keoni when you do get to cr hit me up maybe we can hang out and talk shop but good luck on the job hunt.
Any news on the iowa ghostbusters ?
By DRoomProductions
For those who are interested, IAGB is now accepting members. Signing up is pretty simple, but you have to know where to go. For those of you who have already liked our Facebook page, simply go there and look for the IAGB Website button on the left of your screen. If you have not already liked our page (which makes us very, very sad), the IAGB Website should automatically pop up when you go to our page. Once you find the site, click on the "join" tab, where you will find links to our member info packet, and the member information form.

Membership in IAGB comes in two delicious flavors: basic and active. Basic membership is for those who aren't interested in the costuming aspect of our franchise, but want to be able to connect with other fans in Iowa. Active membership is for those who wish to get dressed up and attend IAGB events and activities.

If anybody has any questions or comments, feel free to either PM me or use the "contact us" tab on our site.
By DRoomProductions
Well maybe we will have to set something else up soon. At the very least, we should discuss you guys making a cameo in the mov...wait, don't want to give too much away...

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By Tyrael
Oh, hey, I've got family that used to (may still) live in Huxley! I'm from Ames, myself. How's the weather back home?
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By Tyrael
Well, the wife and I will be at AnimeIowa in Coralville from the 26th through the 29th in our GB gear. It's not exactly a GBIowa event, though.
By bowzer6
DRoomProductions and I are planning to discouse some things on thursday night witch may include a meet up in Des Moines this fall, dont want to give too much away till its official
By techdisaster
StuDaddy77 wrote:Would any of you guy's be kind enough to point me in the right direction concerning proton pack shells?
I got mine from DL4567. ... 93#p326193
He also sells an aluminum motherboard and will mount it for a fee.

Nick-a-tron's bumper fits the DL shell really well.

And JoeLuna's resin Injector Tubes are a perfect fit on the DLShell (but he may not be offering these right now) ... 31&t=28820

MMM resin parts are great too. His ION ARM rocks.

Always check the feedback thread no matter what!
By bowzer6
Attention all IAGB members and friends! This September the 15th, join us for a fun-filled day at AdventureLand in Des Moines, IA! This will be a great opportunity for all of our members to get together and hang out casually. You are welcome to bring uniforms and props if you wish, though this will not be a "costumed" event. A cookout will follow at a location to be determined. We would like to meet up at 9:30 a.m. in the parking lot, so RSVP to us at to let us know if you plan to attend. Keep checking back for further details. It should be noted, everyone will have to purchase their own tickets!

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