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By Alex Newborn
Nice detective work. I wonder what their sculpt for Ray looks like?

Winston definitely looks better than Peter, while Egon isn't a good likeness at all.

All use the same body mold, and appear to have no articulation.

But they didn't misspell Zeddemore, so points for that.

Winston's serial number on the bag is IT-0482-WZ, which gibes with Peter's on his leg being IT-0482-PV.

Presumably Egon's is IT-0482-ES, and the theoretical Ray's would be the same except for the RS suffix.

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By Tight-Pants Jack
One of the pictures from that listing shows the bag flattened out. When I flipped it and scanned it with Google Lens, it thought the text at the top was Turkish (which makes sense as the site listing itself appears to be from that area).


Still, I haven't been able to find anything else about these figurines yet. They may be officially licensed, but exclusive to some foreign region(s).
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By Tight-Pants Jack
Searching this Zebramo site has provided a few listings with really good pics of the figures and the bags they came in:

Ray: ... -346491167

Egon: ... -346491155

(These were only a sample of what was listed)

So far, I have not found any other search results for these figures outside of Turkey. It's increasingly likely these were exclusive there. Still trying to find out who sold them.
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By Tight-Pants Jack
I think I've hit a dead end for now, but here's a summary of what I've found so far:

-Most of the listings found by Google Lens are from Turkey, under the name “Hayalet Avcıları" (Turkish for “Ghost Busters/Hunters")
-The figures came in bags, not on cards
-They are approximately 10cm tall with no articulation
-In addition to the guys, the line also appears to include Stay Puft and Slimer
-The figures are all stamped as being part of “LOT-0482-L01," made in China, circa 2019, and appear to be officially licensed
-The stamps themselves are uniform, identifying the figures with their initials as follows:
--Peter: IT-0482-PV
--Ray: IT-0482-RS
--Egon: IT-0482-ES
--Winston: IT-0482-WZ
--Stay Puft: IT-0482-SP
--Slimer: IT-0482-SL

As I mentioned, the most success I've had in finding this stuff is searching images with Google Lens. Every now and then, new results come up due to new listings from these auction-type sites. For those interested, I'd recommend doing the same on a regular basis.

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By Alex Newborn
10 cm would be a decent height alongside the Plasma Afterlife Ecto.

Closest to a 4" Ghostbuster line I think anyone's ever done.

Too bad they're non poseable. Even if they just had 5POA joints, I'd be highly inclined to pick some up.

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By devilmanozzy
In one of these sales pages for a copy of Egon had it in it's bag.


Importer Company: FASDAT GIDA
Exporter Company: Lark Developments Emea LTD

That all being said, it isn't exactly a honest batch of items.
Slimer is either from the remote control Ecto-1s by NKOK
Or one of Titan's releases
I'm leaning on NKOK due to the flat bottom on the bootleg which would likely be a feature with the NKOK Slimer.

Someone selling these thought Stay Puft was copying Playmobil
I'm struggling with that one. It looks too different, especially the head sculpt.
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By Tight-Pants Jack
Definitely not the same Stay Puft.

The Slimer is a very close match, given they have identical expressions on their face. But the teeth are slightly different and the arms/hands are not the same size at all. I wonder if they cast the head and used different arms?

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