By greenbastard

Been awhile since I've posted on this forum... kick starting my proton pack builds as of late. I have 4 Spirit wands laying around for an eventual 70% scale proton pack build. (my kid wants GB1, GB2, GB:TVG, and a GB:AL proton packs). The 3D printer is rocking out the shells at the moment.

Looking for the appropriate light hats, switches and bar graph to fit the Spirit wand. I know there are kits available... but, I'm building 4 packs and the cost add up fast. I'm also going to design my own electronics to fit my needs as every pack will be different.

Thanks in advance?
By tobycj
If you're keeping the spirit wand I think Spongeface on these forums, or Frankengeek on Facebook do electronics kits for them. Benofkent does 3D printed scaled down hat lights.
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