I would absolutely LOVE a trap like this:

From my searched though it seems that this is something that has to be built, not bought. Sadly I don’t have the tools or skills to build one so I thought I would ask.

Thanks in advance!
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I know that vid. That particular trap is made by a guy that goes by the name CharlesWorth Dynamics. For the most part, it's a 3d printed trap with all the hardware to put it together that you have to buy/print yourself, but he does 3d print those parts if you don't have one and then sends you everything. Mostly he does his business through Etsy. This is the direct link to his Etsy store. He sells everything you'd need to make your trap work exactly how it works in the video.
tobycj wrote: December 2nd, 2021, 4:43 pm I think the only person doing trap commission builds is Blind Wolf Cosplay in the UK. His are 3D printed, have lights, sound and smoke. You can find him on Facebook and I think etsy.
I have done just that. I am now awaiting delivery of 3 items and to say I am excited is an understatement! Ordered a trap, PKE and gizmo for my suit.
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