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By Chris Brewin
Hey folx!

So my kit honours a variety of different parts of the franchise in different ways; I've got some patches from GB1, some GB2 parts on my pack and trap, a pin of the house and hotdog logo Kevin came up with... Anyway.

To honour The Real Ghostbusters, I want to pack-mount my ghost trap on the power cell side.

I have tried to search for pics here, but haven't had much luck... I have an extra v-hook and I figure it should be pretty simple to do, but I'd love some pics from others who have done it, and if you've got any tips about getting right, that'd be amazing.

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By EnderWeggen
Yes it has been done before shameless plug Go check out Ghostbusters SLC a Fan Film Skip to 3:06 min mark SILVER has a RGB setup for his Trap. Just be aware it's a slimmer trap that was made just for hanging on the pack as door ways are only so big and has no wheels :sigh: You can see it used in part 4

2:47 min mark
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