Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
I do In-Home Support Services for an elderly person and I am also a full-time student working on my bachelor's degree in Visual Effects and 3D animation.
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By wralex
Project leader in a fiberglass and composites industry. We making flight simulator, electrical bus and trucks and waterslide as an exemple.

During the night I hunt ghost and GB collectibles on ebay.
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By Chicken, He Clucked
I'd dream of working as a 2D artist for a videogame company.

I work in healthcare data reporting, but I studied film, literature and art and I've been trying to get some form of creative career off the ground for the past 15 years. I've done client work, put out a couple of apps, tried selling prints, and then more recently this led to me recreating Real Ghostbusters frames in 4K. I just can't seem to break into it as a profession and time has kinda run out for me as I am officially "too old". Bummer.

Currently endeavoring to teach myself Unity so I can do 2D game development as a one-man band.
By jpetrutis81
Aircraft Quality Inspector working with H-60 helicopters. Retired from the Army after 21 years in the service back in 2020 where I worked on H-60s for a stretch and later unmanned aircraft.
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By robbritton
I am a VFX Artist, mostly doing stuff for Nat Geo and Discovery channels at the moment!
By BRD 527
Last 3 years washing dishes and busting tables at a restaurant I work at with my sister :sigh:

Worked as a security guard for 15 years before that (6yr as a supervisor). Also moonlit as a bouncer at a friends bar for a few years off and on while working security and then full time for a couple years after I quit security also helping out in the kitchen and tending bar ontop of working the door and "supervising" other bouncers lol (cant escape it!). No more Security work for me!

Did and still do some construction and landscaping work on the side, fun stuff!
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By GBfan77
I pack Vegetables at a plant that produces bags of carrots and Turnip. Those two or Three pound bags of carrots you see in the grocery stores? I pack those.
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By JWils23
In what feels like a past life I was a wildland firefighter for 10 years, but some injuries took me out of that game. Currently I work managing acoustic Guitar inventory for a large musical instrument distributor. I love music so it definitely suits me, but not a day goes by that I don’t miss being out on the fire line.
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By l3w1sb159
I braze, test and insulate copper cylinders for hot water storage. Doing this job inspired me to start building my pack, with all the hands on skills I've learned.
By Jessica21
Previously, I worked as a computer programmer. My job required a great deal of skill. Like *extremely* good. I could write code in an hour or two that would take most of the guys I worked with a week or more to complete.
I used my downtime at work to write my first book.
Now that I'm in upper management, my days are filled with interruptions, meetings, and politics.
I've been trying for *months* to finish the last two chapters of my third book. :(
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By RichardLess
I work as a development exec/marketing liaison at film studio in Canada. I say “film studio” but we also deal in TV/music. I guess “media company” is the proper title. I’m currently on the mend after a health scare a few months back & expect to be let go as soon as I’m able to return since my entire department has been gutted in the last few weeks. Why am I telling you strangers this? I don’t know. The prospect of being let go half excites me and terrifies me. It excites me because I’ll be free to do what I want in life and it terrifies me because I no longer have the excuse of “well I can’t just up and quit my job to go do what I’ve always dreamt of doing” and the fear that I won’t succeed. Also: the money. I will miss the money. Canada isn’t exactly Hollywood when it comes to the amount of competitors I can get a job at and expect to make the same $$. Ugh…life is so much easier when your a kid and don’t have a mortgage, bills, employment concerns. It’s just school, friends, Saturday morning cartoons some chores and playing outside.

There’s a sad thought I’ll leave you with. At some point in time everyone comes inside from playing outside for the last time & didn’t realize it. Same with Toys. One day we played with our toys for the last time & didn’t even realize it. Kinda sad. Everytime I see a kid nowadays I wanna grab them & say “cherish these times! One day they’ll be gone and you can never get it back”. Remember when adults use to tell you that & you didn’t really listen? Life was carefree and wondrous.
By StarSpengledBanner82
I'm a UPS man. I've been there for 21 years and counting. Covid has made my job even MORE fun when everyone was stuck at home ordering stuff for months and months and months. LOL!
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