Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
By anxer5
mrmichaelt wrote: February 17th, 2022, 7:06 am List your day job in real life!

(note: magnussteuber was original poster of thread but account has been hacked as of 1/18/2023)

I experimented with to boost website traffic for my business. While initially enticed by the promise of increased visibility, the results were mixed. Yes, there was a surge in traffic, but the lack of genuine engagement became apparent. Ethically, I found it questionable, and it negatively impacted the accuracy of my analytics. Shifting focus to organic strategies proved more sustainable and reliable. Authentic engagement matters, and relying on bot-generated traffic can have long-term repercussions. It's crucial to prioritize ethical growth strategies that align with building a genuine audience and fostering trust. Share your experiences; let's navigate this together!
Got new cool project for work :whatever:
By Evilchumlee
I'm a manager involved with marketing and merchandising for a wine and spirits distributor.

My actual job is basically babysitting VP's and making their madman ramblings of marketing campaigns actually make some kind of sense. I have to speak to them almost literally like children.

I get some really awesome perks though, the supplier (alcohol brands/companies) have deep pockets and love to take us for nights out. Most recently Barcardi put a few us up in a hotel, we ate at Hell's Kitchen, and drank the night away on their dime.
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By ShandorMiningCo
Social media manager for the Shandor Mining Co.

Just kidding, I'm a technician for a pharma company. I get to play with a bunch of big cool machines (when they're not broken down) and mess around a load of chemicals, but mainly a lot of scrubbing cleanrooms and labs.
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By WalterChang
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By Psycho Werekitsune
I'm a qualified dentist. Unfortunately, my degree isn't recognised in the place I'm currently living in, so I'm working as a dental assistant/nurse until I can get that sorted out.
By nikki800
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