By grz82
adamjarvis wrote: November 30th, 2023, 9:11 pm Correct. I also tried to put the code for the neopixels on the mega. It needs to go on the neopixel controller. I would start there and see what that fixes. Check all your wires and make sure they are secure. I had a couple that broke loose from all the moving trying to sort out issues.
Here's what I have. Metro_Mini_NeoPixels sketch loaded to the metro mini, Ghost_Trap_Mega loaded to the Mega. The servos twitch, there's a little hissing thru the speakers on start and resets. Charging circuit works fine. I get 5v everywhere. Nothing on the neopixels. I'm stumped.
By grz82
So I decided to hit the reset button and uncomplicate things by completing the CD trap first. It was the right idea... the hissing on the speakers was because I crossed the speaker wires (you can see that in the photo above). I was able to diagnose the bargraph ( loose connection of the yellow wire at the JST connector), and got the servos and the pump working. I'll assemble this as is and take another stab at the Mega Deluxe mod over Christmas break
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By JacqueTheDoor
Mark B wrote: October 20th, 2023, 3:52 pm I think you pretty much covered it, the details in this thread (and pictures) are very helpful. I finally finished mine and all is working perfectly. I opted to not use the protoshield and just mounted everything directly to the mega and mp3 shield, saved me some space in the trap and gave me a few less failure points (my soldering skills are just

Side note, I may end up modifying my trap hose and connectors based on this video: as I still have some connection issues with the original Charlesworth method.....That damn spring inside is hard to isolate and I can't get it to fit inside the insert that was posted on this thread.
I have returned to the forum for more mods. I had made the rear light fade in and out, modded the hoses like you suggested with Banana pins, very good fit now. I'm not all but done on the pedal LED and like you have only got the original stuff that CD said to use, just wondered how you Modded it and the Code you used? The V3.1? I basically need to know where to wire the black from the foster connector as Pin 5 is currently occupied by the Neopixels
By JacqueTheDoor
gpstar wrote: April 12th, 2022, 10:09 am Here is a video of the trap pedal with working led to add some life to the pedal. I will post up my code and instructions tomorrow while I clean up a few things with it.

In short, the only thing required will be a 5mm red led, a 180ohm resistor and a new switch to replace the existing one in the pedal, and some minor wiring changes. It adds up just a few dollars $ in parts.

Is this possible with the original CD mega? I've got the new pedal switch, wired in the LED and now have the blue and black from the Foster Trigger but not sure where to go from there
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