By webelieveyou89
Hi guys. In what ways do you wash your uniform? Cold water and low heat dry or just hang on the clothesline? I actually wouldn't mind it shrinking just a tad as it's a little too baggy.
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By deadderek
Spectregater wrote: August 13th, 2022, 4:00 pm I wash mine inside out with cold water. Then air dry.
Exactly what I do. I use Persil and that cleans it crazy good. Then I air dry.
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By CitizenBuster
I turn my flightsuit inside out to wash on gentle cycle, cold water in the machine. Then I use very low heat, still inside out to keep the leg hose connector to keep from thumping around in the dryer.
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By Nighty80
If it's any use to anyone with a Nomex suit, here's a link to DuPont's laundering guide.
Long story short, Nomex itself is tough enough to machine wash/dry without concern, but obviously your patches and leg hose adapter (or connector plate if like me you have an EctoLabs Cathmax) are the most vulnerable parts. The Cathmax plate is advertised up to 60C, but I wouldn't risk a rubber adaptor this high - probably only 30C max.

I'd join others in recommending washing inside out on a gentle setting. I've previously tumble dried mine with connector plate and my original Hatchapatch patches, but I'm yet to try with GBFans/Todd Cooke V3 as I might cry if it goes wrong 😂
By webelieveyou89
Thanks for the tips guys. Yeah, I definitely would cry if my leg hose connector or patches went south. I will check out that laundering guide!

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