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I've poked around quite a bit and can't find it though I've uncovered some posts discussing if a number of years back.

Does anyone have the animation that'd see in the monitor here:

Would love to use it in a haunted house this halloween! Happy to pay for it if you have it or recreated it.

Thanks all!
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This was a practical effect, made on-set using an IR camera. When you see a terror dog on the TV monitor, there was literally someone a few feet away with a terror dog head mimicking Moranis’ movements and live-broadcasting that to the monitor.

Same earlier in the film with Sigourney. She was being shot using the IR camera and what you see was happening live.

I’ve never seen anyone recreate the animation, but it would be cool to see
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Thanks for the info, ZedR! :cool:

I decided that I'd take the plunge and try a few things to try and reproduce it myself.
I started with filming a 'test version' of terror dog head I printed for a Christmas gift exchange last year. I stuck it on the end of a marker, puppeted it, and made a video of that. Some post processing and editing with After Effects and...

Here's what I came up with. Not accurate at all, but it'll be a nice touch to the haunted house and I'm happy enough with it for a couple of hours work (including learning After Effects!)

Ok... so, she's a dog!


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