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Hi Everyone,

I'm Josh, I am from the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I'm 38, divorced dad of 3. I am a combat vet of both Iraq and Afghanistan. I have been a Ghostbuster nut since the 80's. After being wounded overseas and medically retired from the Army, I was able to buy my own gun shop (The Village Gun Store), so that is my new career, owning and running my own business. At my shop I have my Pack, PKE, Trap and Ecto Goggles on display in my gun shop.... along with a M41A Pulse Rifle. I have a witty sign with the equipment and within the sign it states, "We are thy gun shop that specializes in weapons of the defense science". :sigh:

I am big into Scouts and do a lot with my surrounding communities, and I would love to start a GB group in my area. It would be fun to set up at events, parades and also help fundraise for charities and other programs/people in need. So if you're up my way and wish to hit me up please do! My email is Cubmasterjosh@gmail.com

It's always fun to meet and network with other Ghostheads! So please feel free to introduce yourself and say hi :)
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By Spenglers
Welcome to the team, Josh. We're glad to have you aboard! You're always more than welcome to share your uniform build and all the accoutrements that go with it with us. We love seein' that stuff!
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