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By sakis720
Ghostbusters Deluxe is a mod i been working for sometime, this project is like a patch for the original game generally nothing has change for the story. The project is still WIP you can see down below the changes and restoresions have been made for this mod

-The rescue mini game has been reworked (Only for the 1st mission)
-New player spawns for some missions
-New name for the difficulty's
-Texts from the main menu have been changed
-Corrected Ilyssa model before Return to Hotel Sedgewick
-Gargoyles spawn at the final boss fight to be harder (Shandor fight )
-Licensed Content - Censor Removal merged
-Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis memorial has been added/edited
-Stone Angels nerf
-Swinging light bulbs at the basement (First mission)
-Final boss health increase for the fight to be harder
-Cutscene Blue Tint Removal Mod merged
-Ecto-1 has been added outside of the Hotel Sedgewick
-Cutscenes 2x upscaled 1280x540 to 2560x1080 (still making the decision)
-Some cutscenes have been sound reworked like the first cutscene
-Ghost have diffrent color (still making the decision)
-The intro now has sound
-A npc now spawns at the library mission like the alpha version of the game
-Corrected some ghosts description
-New effect after firing the proton stream
-Fixed the bug with broken cutscenes
-In the Museum level the ghosts now don't display there health
-Fixed the cutscene in the Museum level
-Beta script for the second part of the Time Square level

And many other things to be added

Special thanks to Rarez for reworking the sound and editing for the cutscenes

Thanks to caleb guy for creating the trailer

Also i want to thank Dermenos for sending me the intro with sound and doing the main menu firehouse

Thanks also to Schleebo for correcting some of the ghost descriptions ... cAuWuVJvRw

NexusMods: ... ed/mods/26

And also all of the people helped with their ideas

Fear Crow

If you have any idea and you thing is doable or you want to report a bug join my discord server

If you want to see the ideas that have been listed to be in the Deluxe mod click the link: ... 2023-ideas



I don't own any music displayed on the mod all rights reserved to the label/creators
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By LouisZeddemore
This really is an awesome mod. Gave it a try earlier this week. Really adds to the game and made me want to play through it once again. I'm really looking forward for whatever the community may bring to the game. I still play it every time I watch the movies - even though I don't consider it canon, it's part of the franchise with all the OGs being there with voice and image.
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By Chris.Raven
The Mod dos not work for me :( did u find a tool to repack or create POD files for Ghostbusters Remake Game?I need held to get som songs in the mus POD! THX
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By One time
Sakis, is it at all possible for you to remove the 2 white lights on the proton packs. TR added those thinking they were on the prop (Stantz pack Sedgewick scene). These two lights (next to the power cell blue led lights) were just worn off black paint.

I think in all of GBTVG those two fake lights are what bug people the most.
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